Dean Fish, PhD, is the Santa Fe Ranch Manager. He was officially hired in May of 2013, but grew up on the Santa Fe Ranch and attended local schools. After graduation from Little Red School and Patagonia Union High, Dean attended Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. He attained his B.S. (Animal Science), M.S. and PhD (Reproductive Physiology) degrees from the U of A.


Dean spent 15 years in various positions with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension helping livestock producers through problem-solving research and other education. He also helped to grow the local 4-H program and served on many local, state, regional and national committees to help young people succeed.


He currently works with the Santa Fe Ranch team to create opportunities for young people to be out of doors and learn about their environment and agriculture. Dean also is working to create ways to share “best management practices” with other small livestock producers in an arid environment. He continues to serve as a 4-H Leader and is involved in various leadership positions in the beef industry.


Todd McCartney, alongside his bride Marianne, strives daily to raise quality cattle & ranch horses, raise awareness for the benefits of proper cattle handling & stockmanship, raise the bar on their commitment to marriage, raise 5 above average & faith filled kids... and to do their tiny part in helping more souls raise to heaven.


McCartney keeps busy with many other projects including serving as Senior Editor of Working Ranch Magazine, and professional voiceover and on camera talent. He has been a rodeo cowboy, as well as cowboying on several historic ranches throughout the United States.



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